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Manava Seva Kendra Wishes

Indians are celebrating this day as ‘independence day’ – the day when we as a country gained ‘freedom’ from a foreign rule.

If we are celebrating the independence from a mere 200 odd years of colonial rule, then how grand would be the celebration if each of us aim for and reach the state of ultimate freedom – which is decreed to every human being – to become amrutasya putra, to become one with God?

But are we really free? This is the question which every Indian, nay every human being needs to ask within!! The freedom is not the freedom of expression, not the freedom to wear clothes as you like or freedom of thoughts.

Remember that you cannot even own or possess the air you breathe, leave alone other things. Possessing something including ego and trying to get freedom is a farce and remains a distant dream only. Liberation is freedom from possession and not vice versa.

Air is free. When Air itself, which is just one of the five elements, is free, how can you conceptualize freedom that is much beyond the space and sky?

Then what is Freedom? - It is not in feeling, its not in understanding; it is an experience that should be caught in a trice. You can not achieve freedom throughout your life or many more lives if you were to get it. It is an expanse. Freedom is just the distance between you and you. To reach that state it just takes for you the time to become you.

All created things consciously, sub-consciously and un-consciously move towards this freedom. It can be experienced by anyone with the same ease as the vastness of the limitless space in ones’ own palm. When each individual understands what is real freedom, then may be we can move into higher portals of understanding of the ultimate freedom. If you intelligently limit your involvement with all your activities and remain a witness to your own thoughts and activities, then your life becomes easy, free.

This will make an impact in your sub-consciousness by destroying your gross memories and wavering thoughts. This is called as Gnanagni in Vedanta and consumes all your vaasanas. Your unconscious part of wholesomeness will then come to the fore. You will enter into that silence and vibe perfectly with cosmic vibrations in your conscious and sub-conscious activities without owning them or possessing them in the dynamic and kinetic levels.

Whatever may be the circumstances and whatever may be happening outside, it is not important. Whatever is happening in you alone is important. Go deep within yourself - go to the seed, go to the root. This is the real freedom you have got. This is the free will you have got. This is the choice you have got, either to be carried away by circumstances or to go into yourself.

So seek the inner truth in you. For this there is always freedom for you. This will light the light in you. Lighting lamps in places of worship, in rituals and during festivals signify only one thing – to light your path to freedom. Try to understand this light, the power of consciousness. Then you will be liberated.

Ultimately you have to think who you are. You are what you believe to be. But belief is based on some input -information that you have gathered. This is the basics and basis of existence. When all the information is removed than you are FREE. Why don’t you think? Time is limited in one’s life. So use it for your evolution to real freedom. What is required for evolution is just a strong desire to evolve into freedom. You can start with a simple enquiry into ‘Self’ trying to find answers to questions such as “Why am I born?” “Who am I?” These questions become the first step in the path to salvation.

This introspection and contemplation will enable you to understand the purpose of your existence and will ultimately help you to achieve your own freedom.

From this state of analysis you have to progress to the state of activities that help to realize the existence of a great power that makes you do these activities. It is not important how you wish to call this great power; some may call this power as ‘God’, others may view it differently. The identity of this power is not important, but belief in it is important.

This power leads you to your goal. You are also guided in every step of your life, you should realize its presence in every activity that you do. Once you realize this, you move to the next stage, where you feel the essence of this supreme power and surrender yourself to it.

Only then can you break free from your bondage and experience freedom in its real sense. Only then you will achieve unison with this power.

You have to attain this here and now.

Be free as Truth, in Truth.